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Grade 11 Courses

The University Prep Courses

Needless to say, as an Ontario student, you are aware of how crucial your scores in grade 11 are for early acceptance into university/college. At Mosaic Academy, we offer various grade 11 courses to allow students to apply for all types of programs in post-secondary school. With our qualified and reputed faculty assisting you along the way, Mosaic Academy offers you the best learning experience to score the benchmarks to be eligible for university admissions.

At Mosaic Academy, we strive to make the transition of our international students into grade 11 as seamless as possible. We educate and provide one on one personalized guidance and counseling sessions to understand the various university/college programs.

AWQ3M – Introduction to Photography

ENG3C – English College 

ENG3U – English Academic

ETC3M – Canadian Literature

HSP3U – Introduction to Anthrpology, Psychology, and Sociology

ICS3U – Introduction to Computer Science

MCR3U – Functions

SBI3U – Biology

SCH3U – Chemistry

SPH3U – Physics

Other Grades

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Grade 9 Courses


Also known as Sophomore courses.

Grade 11 Courses

Also known as our University Prep Course

Grade 12 Courses

Also known as our Top 6 Courses


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