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Grade 12 Courses

The Top 6 Courses

Finally, after three long years of high school, you are in grade 12, you are now in the most crucial and vital year of high school. The one common goal amongst all Ontario students is to make sure that they score the best possible marks in their top 6 courses. At Mosaic Academy, we understand how important this is for students and parents, which is why we've built the perfect online learning experience for students to achieve their maximum potential, saving time on travel and time restrictions.

As an international student, grade 12 can be even more stressful. At Mosaic Academy, we strive to ensure that our international students feel comfortable and not to feel overwhelmed. The students are well informed about what the next year of school holds for them. Mosaic Academy provides one on one personalized guidance and counselling with each student alongside their parents to map out a scheduled plan for the school year. A personalized plan of teaching is executed to cater to the successful completion of the OSSD along with assisting with applications to university/college programs.

ASM4M – Media Arts

AVI4M – Visual Arts

AWQ4M – Photography

BAT4M – Financial Accounting Principles

BBB4M – International Business

BOH4M – Business Leadership

CGW4U – World Issues

CIA4U – Analyzing Current Economic Issues

CLN4U – Law

CPW4U – Canadian and International Politics

ENG4C – English College

ENG4U – English Academic

ETC4U – Literature

EWC4U – Writers Craft

HFA4U – Nutrition and Health

HSB4U – Challenge and Change in Society

ICS4U – Computer Science

LKBDU – Mandarin

MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors

MDM4U – Data Management

MHF4U – Advanced Functions

SBI4U – Biology Academic

SCH4U – Chemistry Academic

SPH4U – Physics Academic

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