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Grade 10 Courses

The Sophomore Courses

Grade 10 is a very challenging year for Ontario students. The base established in Grade 10 helps the student identify the courses they are required to take in Grade 11. At Mosaic Academy, we offer students the flexibility to take as many grades ten courses online to ensure that they have the pre-requisite courses for what they choose to study in grade 11.

As an international student, Grade 10 is one of the perfect opportunities to start your journey with Mosaic Academy. You will be able to develop a more substantial base for the upcoming crucial years of high school.

BBI20 – Introduction to Business

CHC2D – History

CHV20 – Civics

ENG2D – English Academic

ENG2P – English Applied

GLC20 – Career Studies

GLS10 – General Learning Strategies

MPM2D – Math Applied

Other Grades

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Grade 9 Courses


Also known as Sophomore courses.

Grade 11 Courses

Also known as our University Prep Course

Grade 12 Courses

Also known as our Top 6 Courses


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