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Grade 10 Career


Course code – GLC20

Course description


To prepare students for the future, it is necessary to empower them to take an active role in finding their path in the world of work and the community. With the rapid pace of technological, social, and cultural change in today’s global economy and with new understandings of what a career looks like in this context, it is more important than ever that students be supported in their transition from secondary school to their initial post-secondary destination, whether in apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace.

Thoughtful and intentional education and career/life planning that involves both parents* and educators is essential in ensuring that students make well-informed decisions as they look ahead.

It is also important that students learn about the fundamentals of financial management, so that they can be informed about and responsible for the implications of their decisions, and better managers of their own lives.

Course information

Course type: Academic
Pre-requisite: None
Availability: Open
Language: English
Credit value: 0.5
Creator: Mosaic Academy 
Format: Online course
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