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The Mosaic Academy Advantage

Our Innovative Education Platform helps our students achieve their academic potential.

Our teachers are well trained to teach virtual classes.

Our platform meets all the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We follow the rigorous standards of Cognia – the largest school accrediting agency in the world.


  • We operate on a worldwide basis, allowing our students to have full access to all of Mosaic Academy's online services and curriculum.



  • Mosaic Academy gives you the benefit of managing your courses at a time and place that is convenient for you. Students are able to create their own timetable alongside scheduling teaching sessions with their designated instructor.



  • At Mosaic Academy all of our staff makes themselves available to you at any given time. We operate our service by e-mail, online video conferencing, and an online 24/7 support service.


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The Future of Education

In Canada, education is typically seen as an investment that leads to future benefits for the individual and society. One of these benefits is increased employability. Higher levels of education are associated with higher employment rates.

In 2015, 82% of the adult population aged 25 to 64 with post-secondary education was employed. There is a strong relationship between income and education, as high-income Canadians tend to be highly educated.

Over two thirds (67.1%) of the top 1% have attained a university degree. Nearly one in four (24.1%) of those who hold a university degree were in the top 10% in 2010. In contrast, one in ten of those who had a post-secondary certificate or diploma below bachelor level made it into the top 10%, while just under one in twenty of those with a high school diploma and one in fifty of those who had no certificate, diploma or degree were in this group.


Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the development of technology. Allowing many industries to adapt and provide more accessible and convenient services. Mosaic Academy believes that education is a vital component in society, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn and succeed.

Our online school provides ministry-inspected and passed courses that hold the same merit and quality of any other high school in Ontario. Mosaic Academy bridges the gap between Education and Technology- resulting in innumerable benefits for students.

Online learning has become an integral part of contemporary education. The rise of online learning carries an opportunity to transform the schooling system into a student-centric environment that is customized for student needs, allowing each student to realize and reach their maximum potential.

An increasing number of institutions are incorporating online courses and degrees into their curriculum since web-based learning offers several benefits which traditional learning cannot.

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Our Virtual Class Platform


At Mosaic Academy we use an online learning platform called Moodle to conduct classes. This system personalizes learning environments for students by giving them direct access to all of their course material through their Moodle account. The benefit of using Moodle is that students can access it at any place or time, regardless of their location.

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