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Issues in Canadian


Grade 9 Course – CGC1D

Course Description

In the Grade 9 geography courses, students will develop their ability to apply both the geographic inquiry process and the concepts of geographic thinking. They apply this process and these concepts as they investigate geographic issues in Canada and deepen their awareness of interconnections between Canadian and global issues.

These courses enhance students’ ability to act as responsible global citizens and environmental stewards. Students will develop their spatial skills as they analyse information and data obtained from diverse sources, including field studies, aerial photographs, satellite imaging, various types of maps and graphs, geographic information systems (GIS), and digital representations.

The study of geography in Grade 9 builds on the knowledge, attitudes, and skills, including thinking skills, developed in geography in Grades 7 and 8 and enables students to move on to the further study of geography in Grades 11 and 12.

Course Information

Course type: Academic
Pre-requisite: None
Availability: Open
Language: English
Credit value: 1
Creator: Mosaic Academy
Format: Online course
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